Last Friday night was a little nuts — the storm that ransacked the metro-area was pretty scary and left so many people out of power. Yikes! So when Saturday morning rolled around, I decided it was time to find a strong cup of coffee and some hot food. It seemed like St. Paul hadn’t been quite as affected by the storm-craziness, so that’s where my sister, Amber, her roommate, Shelley, and I headed.


We arrived, parked a few blocks away, and walked to our destination — The Buttered Tin. The Buttered Tin is a brand new corner cafe and bakery in Lowertown. There’s something about this spot that you can feel from the moment you step in the door — from the warm greeting, to the pleasant service, to the excellent food, you can sense that every aspect is a labor of love.


It was a bustling morning — their first Saturday service! — so we put our names in and grabbed some coffee and treats to enjoy while we waited for a table. It was about a 20 minute wait and we were escorted in by none other than one of the proud owners — Jen. She led us back to a neat spot (where we found out they’ll soon be putting a booth seat) — a shiny stainless steel-topped table for four with a great view of the other diners.

Our server came over quickly and freshened our coffee cups and told us about the specials of the day. We each figured we’d try something different. The Daily Soft Scramble ($8.95) sounded perfect to me, while Amber chose the Damn Good Egg Sandwich ($10.95) and Shelley opted for The Buttered Tin Hash ($10.95). We chatted and sipped and watched the busyness around us.


Our food soon arrived and we couldn’t wait to dig in — it looked and smelled mouthwatering. The Buttered Tin Hash (Shelley’s choice) came in a cute little cast iron skillet. The poached eggs and horseradish cream got in all the nooks and crannies and excellently complimented the salty smoked trout.


Amber’s egg sandwich looked HEAVENLY — and tasted just as heavenly as it looked! The toasted peasant’s bread held up like a champ to the yolky egg and fresh tomato. Amber and I agreed about the mixed greens on the side — they were dressed perfectly, not overdressed, not under. Just right.


And last but not least — the Daily Soft Scramble. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be enough to quench the appetite I had worked up that morning, but boy was I wrong. Fluffy scrambled eggs were the backdrop for chewy, salty chunks of bacon, crisp green asparagus, and hearty chunks of potato. Everything tasted so fresh — the flavor of great produce can easily speak for itself. The crunchy red grapes, sweet blueberries, and perfectly dressed green salad were a light and flavorful companion. And seriously, the toast. I’ve really been trying to steer clear of breads and pastas, but I couldn’t help but try the side of toast. It was fluffy and warm with a nutty, sweet flavor. Oh-so-worth-it.


We pushed our plates aside totally satisfied and finished off our coffee (not before taking a few sipping-action shots). Our server brought the check and split it easily for us. About $15 a piece for delish coffee and a hearty and scrumptious breakfast? Can’t beat that — this Lowertown newbie is not to be missed!

Light, busy, and cheery — a great spot for a casual bite of breakfast.

It was their first weekend open so they were busy, but our server was still able to check in on us several times to make sure we were taken care of.

Clean and simple plating that lets the food speak for itself.

Top-notch! I loved the chewy chunks of bacon in my scramble and the coffee was strong and flavorful.

Value for Dollars
Very reasonable — bottomless coffee and a hearty plate of breakfast for about $15 including tip.


But don’t take my word for it!

The Buttered Tin

237 7th Street East
St. Paul, MN 55101

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