I had a really long weekend. My little sister, Melody, got married — which was beautiful but stressful. (If any of you have ever gotten married or been involved in a wedding, you know what I’m talking about). Isn’t she a gorgeous bride?!

Mel & Jesse
By the time my other sister (Amber) and I arrived back in the cities, we were ready to simply eat and sleep. Amber recently moved to NE Minneapolis, so when we stopped at her place to unload, we decided to hit upĀ  Crescent Moon Bakery for their famous “football pizza.”


A quick tip — call ahead if you don’t want to wait. It seemed that we picked a particularly busy night (it was a holiday weekend, I guess) so after putting in our order, we sat for about 40 minutes.


As we waited, we discussed the weekend and gazed longingly at each tasty looking dish that emerged from the kitchen.


At long last, our wait was over! We grabbed the pizza and hustled back to Amber’s house so we could stuff our faces in private. As far as pizza in Minneapolis goes, this is one of my favorites. The crust is tender and flaky and loaded with flavorful toppings. This time around, we chose the House Special — that delectable crust loaded up with Afghani beef, onions, and green peppers ($14 for a medium). The green sauce that comes on the side of the pizza is not to be overlooked — in fact, it is the key to making the pizza itself shine! It’s cilantro-y, vinegary heat adds dimension to what might otherwise just be a good pizza. My other tip? Make sure you ask for extra!

Richly cultural and fun — lots of brightly colored light fixtures and some sort of foreign soap-opera-y tv show playing in the background.

Even though it was a little slow, the gentleman at the counter was quick to crack a joke or a smile to put us at ease and make the wait bearable.

Pretty basic pizza presentation — football style!

I’ve not branched out from the pizza menu because the pizza is just so good. Did I mention the deliciously flaky crust?

Value for Dollars
Darn good — $14 for a medium pizza that fed my sister and I with leftovers.

But don’t take my word for it!

Crescent Moon Bakery

2339 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


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