Last weekend, Derek and I splurged a little bit — brunch and happy hour all in one day! We grabbed a bite of brunch for this sweet gal’s birthday and then went home and took a long afternoon nap. When I woke up, my first thought was, “How now, Red Cow?” HA! Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist that one. What we had decided was that we needed to check out the hoppin’ South Minneapolis restaurant, Red Cow.

Red Cow opened in early 2013 near 50th and France in an former Blockbuster building and it’s been going strong ever since. Thankfully, Happy Hour is EVERY DAY from 3pm-6pm, so when Sunday night rolled around, we knew where to turn. We rolled in and it was busy. Since it was just the two of us, we were able to be seated right away. I was immediately struck by the gorgeous space — of all the spots we’ve visited for the blog over the last year, this may be my favorite, decor-wise. After settling in, we dug into the Happy Hour menu and took our first picks.


Red Cow has an incredible beer list — very extensive. Derek wanted something familiar, so he chose the Surly Cynic ($6). I’m temporarily abstaining (I’m not pregnant, I swear!!) so I grabbed an iced tea. We ordered the Scotch Eggs ($6) and the Braised Beef & Summit Beer Cheese Poutine ($6) first and we weren’t disappointed!


I’ve never had Scotch Eggs before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they were delish! The crispy, salty, sausage coating contrasted nicely with the warm hardboiled egg inside. The Beer Mustard dipping sauce is a must — don’t be afraid to dip!


Poutine. This is a dish that continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. despite its roots being in Canada. I love it. I mean, what’s not to love about cheesy, potato-y, gravy-y goodness?? Red Cow’s poutine is a little different than some that I’ve had at other establishments. Instead of cheese curds hiding out among the fries and doused in gravy, the fries were doused in a cheese sauce and there were savory bits of braised beef in the mix. Tasty? Absolutely. But, I wont say that I didn’t miss the cheese curds.

Onto the burgers. They don’t grace the Happy Hour menu, but we figured we couldn’t go to a place called Red Cow without trying the burgers! We grilled (ha, get it? I’m just full of puns today) our server on why Red Cow’s burgers are special. It turns out they use the highest quality angus beef available, which in turn equates to the best burger possible. After poring over the menu, we settled on the Barcelona ($11.50) and the Royale ($11).


First up — the Barcelona. The patty was cooked nicely — still pink in the middle, and all the toppings sang together in perfect harmony. The sweet red pepper, salty prosciutto, buttery manchego, and flavorful aioli blended to create one tasty burger. The sweet potato planks that I chose (instead of the normal fries) were really fantastic — the seasoning and thickness was spot on — not too skinny, not too fat.


Then for the Royale. The angus patty was slathered in creamy brie and tomato jam, then topped off with spicy arugula and tender pork belly. The flavors worked wonderfully together — and oh that bun! They get their buns from A Baker’s Wife (another South Minne fave). Derek liked the coleslaw, he didn’t think it was anything special. But I LOVED it. It was nice and sweet and had just the right amount of dressing.

Needless to say, we were incredibly full after all that food. Thankfully, after settling the bill (around $40 before tip) our server packed up our half-eaten leftovers (enough for me to have lunch for the next couple of days!) and sent us on our merry way. Red Cow, we’ll be back for your green Happy Hour pastures soon.


It’s gorgeous! The building used to be an old Blockbuster, but they’ve transformed it into a sleek, modern space. 

Our service was exceptional — our server went above and beyond to answer our questions and keep our glasses full.

It was pretty simple and clean but didn’t blow us away.

We could tell that the ingredients used were high quality — we enjoyed every dish that we tried!

Value for Dollars
There are some great drink and food specials on Happy Hour — absolutely worth the trip.


Red Cow

3624 W 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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