A couple of weeks ago when the eve of fall upon us, I began to crave red wine again. My vino hiatus wrapped up just as the cool air rolled into town again in September. I hadn’t had a desire for full-bodied red wine since the winter, so I decided it was worth a trip to Spill the Wine.

I met my sister, Sarah, and a friend of hers, Nadjua, at Spill the Wine in Uptown on a Thursday after work. They both arrived around 4 or 4:30 pm and I pulled in around 5:20 pm. Luckily, Spill the Wine has a small parking lot out back so I didn’t have to waste limited Happy Hour time circling the crowded streets of Uptown.

The outside and inside seating both had plenty of space during their Thursday Happy Hour. When I arrived, the ladies had already found a cozy corner in the outside area. The patio was adorable with natural wood and full flower pots all around. It felt like we were sitting on a friend’s front porch — an intimate and peaceful setting, with occasional interruptions from the traffic of the parking lot.


Full patio

The Happy Hour special at Spill the Wine is offered Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 pm, making it the perfect place to stop for a drink before dinner or on your way home from work. The deal includes select $15 bottles of wine, $5 glasses of house wine, $3 taps, and $5 small plates.

HH menu

I ordered a glass of the house cabernet ($5) and Naddie had the house chardonnay ($5). My sister’s not much of a wine drinker, so luckily there is a small list of $3 tap specials as well. She went with a Summit ($3).



Since Sarah and Naddie had already been there about 45 minutes without me, they had placed an order for a couple of small plates to share. I added an order and we all got a little taste of each.

Fish and chips

The Fish & Fries ($5) were a generous portion of fried alaskan cod, a scoop of rich tarter sauce, and some crispy french fries. It was a little greasy for me to each alone, but perfect for sharing.


The Chicken Tinga Tostadas ($5) came on a plate with four pieces of sliced baguette, chicken tinga, and a full covering of cheese. The tostadas had a delicious flavor, but again, something I probably wouldn’t want to finish on my own since it was so greasy from all that cheese.

Truffle Cheese curds

Our last plate was the Truffle Cheese Curds ($5). They weren’t on the Happy Hour menu, but were still priced at just $5 as a “small bite” option. I usually eat cheese curds once a year at, you guessed it, the State Fair, but the truffle curds caught my attention. The crispy outside breading was a familiar taste, but the hint of truffle flavor mixed with the gooey cheese was something very unique.

Sarah and Libby

Overall, we had a great time at Spill the Wine. We talked leisurely on the patio with no pressure to leave. I even ordered a second glass of wine after happy hour, full price mind you ($10), because our experience was so pleasant.

We paid our tab with laid back and hospitable server, then made a quick stop inside to hit up the bathrooms before leaving. The actual restaurant is stunning — the walls are covered with wood and warm lights are glowing all around you. Seems like a perfect place for a date night. I’ll definitely be back, probably to enjoy the Monday Night 1/2 price bottle of wine!

Inside bar

Inside wines


It’s gorgeous! Natural woods, warm lights, overflowing flower pots outside and beautiful art inside. Romantic without being stuffy.

Our service was everything I could ask for. Attentive, helpful with suggestions, engaging, but not overbearing.

The small plates were each served on plain or daintily decorated plates. Nothing special, in my opinion, but I imagine entrees might be a different story.


The flavors of each of our small plates were delicious, but all-in-all, a little too rich and greasy for a 5:00 snack.

Value for Dollars

I thought the Happy Hour specials were fairly priced since Spill the Wine is a little more upscale. Not the cheapest Happy Hour, but a great for an affordable early evening date or drink before dinner.



But don’t take my word for it…

Spill the Wine

901 W Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
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