Recently I headed to St. Paul to help my sister unpack in her new apartment. Of course we couldn’t buckle down and get things done until we’d filled ourselves with an ice cold beer and food. We chose to hit up one of the neighborhood greats, Sweeney’s Saloon. We met right after work and were able to snag a spot on the patio, just in time for the happy hour.The patio at Sweeney’s really draws a crowd — it always seems to be bustling with people. In my opinion it is one of the best patios in St. Paul. Despite its fairly large size, Sweeney’s feels very much like a neighborhood bar. Tree branches hover over the patio space creating a cozy atmosphere. White lights are streamed above to create a picturesque hang as the sun sets and it begins to get dark. For those chilly nights when you aren’t quite ready to head indoors for the season, you’ll find a fireplace in the corner.


In addition to the draw of the patio, Sweeney’s Saloon has some pretty great specials throughout the week. In my opinion, their best special is the daily deal of 50 cent tacos, limit five, and their $3 Summits. You really cannot go wrong with that. On this particular day, Maddie and I made it in time for the tacos and beer. We each ordered a Summit ($3) and 5 tacos ($2.50.)


Despite how busy it was, it didn’t take long for our food and drinks to arrive. The tacos are nothing special; a hard shell, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The simplicity was all I needed, we barely took a breath between bites as we each finished up our first taco. The hamburger has a better quality and flavor than a Taco Tuesday taco at Taco John’s, not that there is anything wrong with Taco John’s. I’m a T.J.s advocate, seriously we need more in the metro. With the fresh toppings and a little hot sauce these tacos were just what I needed.


We quickly finished off our tacos and sipped our beers making a plan of attack for the evening. We settled our bills, less than $10 each, and headed out to make sense of the mess that is moving.

A cozy, picturesque patio with room for a crowd.

Prompt and inviting.

Simplicity, sometimes that’s all you need.

Exactly what you expect for 50 cent tacos. It wasn’t an out of this world flavor combination, but for the price, these tacos will keep you coming back.

Value for Dollars
50 cent tacos, seven days a week from 3-6 p.m., you can’t go wrong with that!


But don’t take my word for it!

Sweeney’s Saloon

96 North Dale Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102
(651) 221-9157


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