KramarczuksGenerally I am the type of gal who by the end of August is itching for Fall. I’m a brisk temp lovin’, PSL drinking, clothing layering fool who has had quite enough of the humidity for one season — it’s Minnesota, after three months of any season I’m totally over it and ready for the next thing. This year was a new for me. Labor day came and I was completely in mourning. A whole nine months until I can again embrace weekends at the cabin and spontaneous afternoons at the beach. Fortunately for me, September has been slowly transitioning to crisp nights. Thank-you September for knowing when a gal just can’t take it.


Last night was yet another gem mother nature gifted to us and Zeb and I knew we had to grill out. After work, we went to pick up our Tangletown CSA box and made a stop at Kramarczuk’s for their house-made sausages. Kramarczuk’s is located in NE on Hennepin Avenue, down the street from Surdyk’s. It’s a deli that was opened by Anna and Wasyl Kramarczuk, a Ukranian couple, over fifty years ago. Kramarczuk’s specializes in their homemade sausages, breads and piroshky which they make with some of the “finest and freshest ingredients.”

We parked in the lot next door and made a beeline to the meat counter, avoiding their huge section of fancy European chocolates and candies — it took a lot of willpower. We were quickly greeted by the staff and they patiently waited as we looked over the extensive varieties of sausages. After much contemplating Zeb and I picked out a few types: chicken tomato and basil, apple and Gouda, and Polish sausage. They graciously packaged up two of each kind and checked us out. We spent a little over $11 for six quality sausages.


We went home fired up the grill, made a delicious slaw with our CSA goodies, and had a lovely Fall evening with some mighty fine food and a MN beer or two. If you have never had Kramarczuk’s sausages, you had better make your way there. They beat Johnsonville’s brats every time.

Bright and clean with a European feel.

Great service. Even though Zeb and I were taking our time deciding which of the many sausages we wanted, the staff patiently waited and assisted us with any questions.

I mean, how great can raw food look!?

Amazing. I’ve tried several varieties of their sausages and have yet to find one I don’t like. If I am being partial, the Chicken tomato basil one is fantastic!

Value for Dollars
Buying meat from a deli is always going to be a little more than what you can buy at your local grocery store, but the quality is worth the price.

But don’t take my word for it!


215 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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