Mother nature has been showing us what cold really is by hitting us with day after day of shockingly low temps. Zeb and I have now adapted to a somewhat hermit-esque lifestyle. Making it out only to get to work and then immediately throwing on our favorite sweats upon returning home in the evenings. You win ‘Polar Vortex,’ you win.


Monday night was no exception. With temperatures hitting -20 degrees and lower, we decided that take-out was necessary. We pulled up the Bite Squad website and soon settled on Lotus Restaurant Minneapolis, a Vietnamese place neither of us had eaten at. The reviews for Lotus were amazing. 4.5/5 stars with over 170 reviews. We ordered a variety of dishes from the menu, planning to have leftovers for lunch and dinner on another cold evening.

Despite the mass amounts of metro people with the same plan to hunker down and order take-out, our food was delivered in roughly an hour. I was pleasantly surprised that it was still nice and hot upon delivery. The food looked and smelled so delicious, I was only able to get one quick photo before we dove in.


We ordered egg rolls and wonton soup to split and two entrees — vegetable lo mein and chicken fried rice. The food was the perfect amount of spice and the flavors were delicious. I’d have to say, Lotus lives up to the wonderful hype. It will definitely be on our take-out rotation in the future. Now that I know the soup travels well, I’ll be ordering pho next!

But don’t take my word for it…

Lotus Restaurant Minneapolis

113 W Grant St
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Ph: 612-870-1218

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